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Coatings additives

Today, the coatings market knows many challenges, from industrial and protective coatings to decorative paints. If you are looking for emulsifiers for resins, we can help! The coatings market is facing increased pressure from legislation to reduce VOCs in paint formulations and to meet more stringent can labelling. At the same time the market demands always improved long term performances, and consumers are driving the need for more sustainable coating solutions.

Our speciality ingredients meet the trend towards more environmentally friendly coatings systems based on water such as water-based epoxies and alkyds. The range consists of surfactants offering differentiated and advanced benefits such as:

  • Enhanced film properties
  • Improved environmental profile

As an example, Maxemul 9107 is a versatile surfactant that is specifically developed to formulate high performing oil-in-water epoxy emulsions allowing for VOC reduction or elimination. 

Industrial Pipes
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