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defoamers used in purification tanks for water treatment

Defoamers and antifoams

We have developed a novel range of polymeric surfactant defoamers that break and hinder the formation of foam in industrial water treatment. Our range of versatile high performance defoamers are designed to work in applications where silicone derivatives may be unsuitable.
Reduced foam emulsion as a result of defoamers in water treatment operations

What are defoamers and antifoams?

A defoamer, or antifoam, is a chemical additive that will reduce or eliminate foam from forming in industrial process liquids.  

Defoaming is the removal of air and bubbles from liquids used in a wide range of industrial water treatment applications including food processing, fermentation, textiles manufacturing, wastewater management and in the paper and pulp industry. 

Increased foam can be a result of biological activity, mechanical action or chemical contamination. Foam is a challenge as it can reduce total capacity production volumes, reduce volume outputs and increase operational costs.  

What are the benefits of our defoamers and antifoams?

Foam production can be a significant manufacturing challenge. Unwanted foam is often a result of surfactant and additives found in formulations.  

Benefits of our defoamers and antifoams include:

  • Excellent product stability in a wide range of conditions
  • Significant reduction of foam meaning effortless release of trapped gases
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Improvement of biodegradability and reduced bioaccumulation
  • Can be used in areas where there are stricter environmental restrictions in place.

We recognise that foam control in water treatment processes involves challenging and changing environments and we are committed to providing tailored advice and solutions to support your requirements.

We can find a solution for your needs.