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LED TV screen

Display technologies

Digital displays enhance our daily personal and professional lives and have become ubiquitous. From our smart phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs to automotive, and wearable technologies. The screens on these items are continuously improving in quality and resolution and we can offer solutions to enhance the components that make these advancements in display technologies possible.

For quantum dot films, OLED inks and capacitive touchscreen, we offer advanced ingredients to boost brightness, manufacturing efficiency and longevity.

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Performance additives for quantum dots and OLEDs

Our customisable surface modifiers bind to the surface of nanoparticles and improve their self-dispersibility and stability. Available with numerous anchoring groups and tails to allow for self-dispersibility and improved functionality of a variety of different display applications. Our high purity ligands such as Hypermer SL318 and Prisorine 3505 have also been proven capable of improving QD chemical yields and photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY).

Wetting agents and migratory surfactants improve layer on layer printing performance of display inks through surface tension reduction.

Dispersants reduce agglomeration and viscosity and improve uniformity of particles in display films and inks.

Our rheology modifiers are gellants for both water and solvent-based systems to provide shear thinning (pseudoplastic or thixotropic) effects for more controllable printing behaviour for uniform luminescent wells and conductive traces.

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