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Croda advanced materials for advanced ceramics

Advanced ceramics

Increasingly prevalent digitalization and electrification today have led to a growing demand for ceramics with application specific properties. Advanced ceramics are employed for their mechanical, chemical, and thermal stability. Advanced ceramics are inorganic, non-metallic materials which can be used in a variety of niche high-end applications such as:  

  • Ceramic tape
  • 3D printed ceramics
  • Ceramic fibre composites
  • Solid oxide fuel cells components
  • Piezo-electric ceramics
  • Multi-component ceramic slurries
Croda advanced materials for display technologies
two architects in design agency with close-up of 3d printer

Dispersants for reliable advanced ceramic slurries

Dispersants interact with the surface of particles and prevent other particles from coming closer. This can be done by electrostatic, steric or electrosteric means.

Matching the dispersant with the particle that you are trying to disperse and the solvent that is to be dispersed in, is the best way to find the appropriate dispersant. We can are happy to advise you on this so feel free to contact us.

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