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Industrial Specialties
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Fibres and textiles

Croda offers a range of speciality finishes and additives to aid processing, functionalisation and differentiation of fibre and fabrics in applications. Our long-standing history in textile auxiliaries has led to the development of an extensive product portfolio for applications throughout the textile processing chain and more recently exploring benefits for consumers through offering performance ingredients. This includes: 

  • phase change materials that assist with thermal regulation;
  • permanent anti-static additives to prevent cling from garments; and
  • improved moisture management that greatly increases the capabilities of garments to draw moisture away from the skin.
description of applications for fibres and textiles

Fibre and fabric technologies

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Fibre processing

We produce ingredients and formulated spin finishes to enable the efficient production and refinement of man made fibres, putting them into yarn during downstream processing.
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Performance ingredients

In recent years there has been increasing consumer demand for garments to offer more beneficial effects through their use. Croda has developed a range of performance ingredients that provide textiles with a variety of consumer effects.
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Various colours of textiles

Textile auxiliaries

Croda's in-depth knowledge of auxiliaries and finishes has led to the development of products that enhance textile performance throughout the manufacturing process.
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