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Performance ingredients

In recent years there has been increasing consumer demand for garments to offer more beneficial effects through their use. Croda has developed a range of performance additives that provide textiles with high tech functional effects including thermal regulation, permanent anti-static, enhanced odour control and UV protection. 
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Fibre and fabric technologies

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Fabric technologies

Find out more about our technologies for fabric applications.

 Thermal regulation

A phase change material (PCM) absorbs and releases thermal energy at a specific, defined temperature, regulating the surrounding environment. CrodaTherm patented microencapsulated PCMs are durable core-shell particles that can be used in applications where a particle form of PCM is needed. The CrodaTherm PCM is encapsulated in an acrylic shell so that when the bio-based core changes phase, the particle remains solid.

high tech logo  High tech finishes

Croda's range of high tech finishes can help improve the properties of synthetic fibres and provide positive benefits to the end consumers. Synthetic fibres tend to be poor conductors of electricity, friction during use can cause build-up of static charge within the garment which can result in the garment becoming clingy when wearing. The build-up of static can be prevented through use of an anti-static agent during the manufacturing process. Another problem with synthetic fibres is that they are hydrophobic upon manufacturing, meaning it is difficult for moisture to pass through the fibre. Consumers expect textiles to keep up with both their active lifestyle and the everyday. By using Croda's durable finishes, the hydrophilic tendencies of the fibres can be greatly improved as well as increasing the strike-through.

odour control  Enhanced odour control

Croda’s range of odour control technology can help tackle a wide range of malodours found in everyday situations. The main causes of odour in textiles are organic carboxylic acids, which embed in fabrics causing persistent or permanent odour. Frequent use of your favourite clothes, shoes and bags make them more susceptible to developing foul odours. This can ultimately lead to them becoming unwearable or unusable. Washing these items does not effectively neutralise these odours due to a permanent build-up in the synthetic fibres. Croda’s biobased odour neutralisers can be incorporated to help neutralise the odour build-up and keep your fabrics smelling fresher, for longer.

health and wellbeing logo  Health and wellbeing

Croda has a range of speciality additives that can improve the look and feel of your favourite fabrics, provide sensory skin effects or offer solar protection. Consumer health and wellbeing trends are constantly evolving and as manufacturers it is important to have the right products to deliver the desired effects.

Croda's expertise in the Personal Care industry can help meet and deliver the latest consumer demands through application in textiles.

  • 'Leave on' products that provide creases prevention, freshness, antibacterial, skin conditioning, anti-static and softness;
  • Solar protection for skin and clothes to prevent harmful effects of the sun;
  • Vegan and bio-based products;
  • Prevention products that can be applied to textiles and fibres to protect them from getting dirty;
  • Microencapsulated slow release treatments; and
  • Microbiome - spray on product that protects your skin's microbiome.

Our recommendations

Consumers expect textiles to keep up with both their active lifestyle and the everyday. By incorporating CrodaTherm microencapsulated PCM into textiles and fibres, a more comfortable and stable temperature profile is achieved.

CrodaTherm ME 29D

CrodaTherm ME 29D

CrodaTherm ME29D is an acrylic core shell particle dispersion in water. The patented core-shell microcapsule technology is formaldehyde-free and the PCM core is derived from plant-based feedstocks. It...

CrodaTherm ME 29P

CrodaTherm ME 29P

CrodaTherm ME29P is a microencapsulated phase change material with a peak melting temperature of 29°C, which is supplied as a powder.

dyed fibres on spools

Fibre processing

We produce ingredients and formulated spin finishes to enable the efficient production and refinement of man made fibres, putting them into yarn during downstream processing.
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Various colours of textiles

Textile auxiliaries

Croda's in-depth knowledge of auxiliaries and finishes has led to the development of products that enhance textile performance throughout the manufacturing process.
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