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Industrial Specialties
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Fibre processing

We produce ingredients and formulated spin finishes to enable the efficient production and processing of man made fibres and processing them into yarn during downstream processing.
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Fibre and fabric technologies

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Fibre processing

Find out more about our techologies for fibre processing.

Anti-static additives

As synthetic fibres tend to be poor conductors of electricity, friction during processing can cause build-up of static charge. This can lead to a variety of processing problems. Croda offers a wide range of anti-static agents that are designed to eliminate processing problems due to static electricity build-up.

Vibrant dyeing

In the dyeing step, pre-treated fabric is dyed with different classes of dyestuff depending on the substrate used and end performance requirements. Croda offer various dye bath additives which ensure trouble-free dyeing and best results in terms of yield, solidity, fabric appearance, fastness, and batch to batch consistency.

Moisture management

Synthetic fibres can often be hydrophobic upon manufacturing, meaning it is difficult for water to pass through the fibre. Our durable finishes can improve the hydrophilic tendencies of synthetic fibres and increase the strike-through.

Spin finishes

Spin finishes are predominantly processing aids applied to the fibre surface during or immediately after fibre extrusion. They positively influence the way that fibre is processed both by the fibre maker and by their customers who conduct further processing. They provide fibres with three main functions, lubrication, anti-static and cohesion.

Our recommendations

Synthetic fibres have an inherent property of static generation which leads to clinging of fabric and increased soiling tendency, leading to wearer’s discomfort. To control/ nullify static generation – we require anti-static agents. We offer different products which can meet stringent anti-static testing methods and durability requirements.

High Performance Chemical Additives

Edunine AS

Anti-static finish & Soil release agent for Polyester & polyester rich blends

High Performance Chemical Additives

Permalose TM

Permalose TM is a durable hydrophilic finish for polyester fabrics. It promotes release of oily soils from the polyester surface and provides a slick, static free finish to polyester fibres.

High Performance Chemical Additives

Cirrasol PE113

Cirrasol PE113 is an effective durable hydrophilic finish providing soil release and anti-static effects designed for use on polyester fibres, fabrics and nonwovens.

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Performance ingredients

In recent years there has been increasing consumer demand for garments to offer more beneficial effects through their use. Croda has developed a range of performance ingredients that provide textiles with a variety of consumer effects.
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Various colours of textiles

Textile auxiliaries

Croda's in-depth knowledge of auxiliaries and finishes has led to the development of products that enhance textile performance throughout the manufacturing process.
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