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Resin emulsification

Surface modification is core to Croda. Research and innovation continue to grow multiple surfactant technology platforms which have proven instrumental in the development of next generation binders and formulated products. We offer a wide range of speciality surfactants to solve formulation challenges.

Closely tied to our commitment to sustainability is a range of surfactants designed to enable the transition of coatings, adhesives, and inks from solventborne to waterborne.

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Resin emulsification

Maxemul 7000 and Maxemul 8000 polymeric resin emulsifiers are used to stabilise alkyd and similar resins in water without significant modification to the polymer. These surfactants allow formulators to reach zero VOC, with similar dry film properties to traditional solvent based formulations.

Maxemul 9000 polymeric resin emulsifiers similarly enable the delivery of epoxy resins for industrial and protective coatings as well as structural adhesives in a zero VOC, low viscosity emulsion.

Synperonic block co-polymer emulsifiers may also be used formulate high performing waterborne epoxy emulsions. This versatile technology platforms also includes compatibilizers and antifoams.

LoVOCoat polymeric water-in-oil emulsifiers. allow a reduction in the levels of solvent required in solventborne coatings through the incorporation of water into the liquid medium, without affecting drying rates or dry film properties.

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