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Electronic materials

We add value to various electronic materials used in cutting edge electronic devices, improving processing efficiency and product performance. In an era of universal electronic devices which are expected to be more efficient, more durable, bendable, and smaller than ever, these advantages are becoming more crucial.

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Conductive inks

Croda dispersing agents help to decrease the viscosity of conductive inks and pastes and control the particle size by reducing agglomeration.  They can also allow higher active contents (solids loadings) to be reached.  Our dispersing agents have a low ion content, high purity and can have an ash-free burnout.
Our rheology modifiers also help to achieve a stable dispersion and allow you to have complete control of rheology whether you are looking for shear-thinning, pseudo plastic or thixotropic behaviour.  These have been designed to thicken organics across a range of polarities. Our green solvents may also be used to improve the environmental impact of these inks and pastes.
Combined, these technologies improve:
  • print reliability
  • line profile and ultimately
  • efficiency
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