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Industrial Specialties
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Industrial Specialties
Bright coloured textiles using textile auxiliaries from Croda

Textile auxiliaries

We offer solutions for wet processing of textiles to improve their performance and final product aesthetic effects using our industry leading technologies and high performance ingredients supported by our formulation and industrial application expertise. Our philosophy of using sustainable raw materials, driving sustainable product innovation and minimising impact of our manufacturing process ensures safety and quality in everything we do.
Various colours of textiles

Fibre and fabric technologies

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Fibre processing

Find out more about our techologies for fibre processing.

We have complete solutions for improving productivity, consistency and aesthetics in wet processing of various substrates (cotton, regenerated cellulose, polyester, polyamide and spandex) as per substrate forms (fibre, yarn, knits and woven) and as per application machinery (exhaust & continuous). Each application range consists of a variety of products as per their functions/effects and features. Many of our products are Bluesign®, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and OEKO-TEX® compliant. This means that using Croda products can help work towards gaining the certification for these industry leading standards.

Our recommendations

We have industry benchmark anti-creasing agents for processing of various substrates. It is necessary to have low fibre to metal friction and optimum fibre to fibre friction during processing. We have specialised our chemistry in this segment to offer high performance products to take care of elastane blends with polyester, viscose, cotton & new fibres such as Lyocell.

High Performance Chemical Additives

Depsolube ACA Premium

Unique anti-creasing system & emulsifier for all textile substrates. A troubleshooting product with multiple benefits.

High Performance Chemical Additives

Depsolube ACMS

Depsolube ACMS offers a 3 in 1 function - anti-crease, softener and hydrophilicity agent.

dyed fibres on spools

Fibre processing

We produce ingredients and formulated spin finishes to enable the efficient production and refinement of man made fibres, putting them into yarn during downstream processing.
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Performance ingredients

In recent years there has been increasing consumer demand for garments to offer more beneficial effects through their use. Croda has developed a range of performance ingredients that provide textiles with a variety of consumer effects.
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