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Food emulsifiers

Deliver the highest quality products your consumers expect with consistent supply of our food grade additives. For the last 75 years, we have been the trusted food additives supplier, manufacturing our products in state-of-the-art food registered sites that are ISO certified. In line with the growing trend of utilising sustainable palm oil/derivatives, we now offer Sustainable Palm Oil alternatives manufactured at our approved sites around the globe via the Mass Balance scheme.

We offer a comprehensive range of products manufactured under high quality measures from pure ingredients to ensure receipt of consistent product with dependable performance, allowing you to continually deliver the flavour profile consumers expect from your brand.
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Food emulsifiers

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We are committed to a quality management system to assure product safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Our food additives are:

• ISO food certified
• Halal certified
• Kosher certified; and
• available as certified Sustainable Palm Oil (SP) grades

Our products are suitable for the following application areas:

• baked goods/icings
• chocolate/candy/sweets/chewing gum
• dairy products
• ice cream/frozen desserts
• salad dressings/mayonnaise
• shortening; and
• vitamin drops/supplements


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