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Industrial nonwovens

Nonwoven finishes

Nonwoven fabrics are versatile materials which can be engineered to deliver a diverse range of properties. As a result, they find use in a vast range of applications such as agriculture, automotive, wipes, clothing, medical and hygiene applications.
multi coloured nonwoven fabric rolls

Fibre and fabric technologies

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All nonwovens are based upon either staple fibres or continuous filaments being laid down to form a web which is then bonded using chemical, heat or mechanical processes.

The properties of the nonwoven material can be modified using finishes, for example, to make the fabric more hydrophilic.

We provide a range of finishes for the staple fibres and for the fabrics in order to provide lubrication, antistatic and hydrophilic properties. As each customer has unique requirements in terms of processing and the properties of their end nonwoven fabric, we’d be pleased to talk to you about your specific needs.

Our recommendations

As synthetic fibres tend to be poor conductors of electricity, friction during processing can cause a buildup of static charge, potentially resulting in a variety of processing problems. Our range of anti-static additives can we used to treat nonwovens to reduce the buildup of static electricity.

High Performance Chemical Additives

Permalose TM

Permalose TM is a durable hydrophilic finish for polyester fabrics. It promotes release of oily soils from the polyester surface and provides a slick, static free finish to polyester fibres.

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