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Industrial Specialties
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Industrial Specialties
printing machine for textiles

Dyeing and printing

In the dyeing step, pre-treated  fabric is dyed with different classes of dyestuff depending on the substrate used and end performance requirements. We offer various dye bath additives which ensure trouble-free dyeing and best results in terms of yield, solidity, fabric appearance, fastness and batch to batch consistency.

In printing, pre-treated or dyed fabric is printed on different substrates with respective dye classes by various methods. We offer print paste additives to ensure optimum print clarity, brightness & yield.
colourful spectrum of dyed fabrics

Fibre and fabric technologies

Fibre and fabric technologies front cover
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Our recommendations

We have industry benchmark anti-creasing agents for processing of various substrates. It is necessary to have low fibre to metal friction and optimum fibre to fibre friction during processing. We have specialised our chemistry in this segment to offer high performance products to take care of elastane blends with polyester, viscose, cotton and new fibres such as Lyocell.

High Performance Chemical Additives

Depsolube ACA Premium

Unique anti-creasing system & emulsifier for all textile substrates. A troubleshooting product with multiple benefits.

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