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Industrial Specialties
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Preparation, or pre-treatment, is the process used to make a textile substrate suitable for dyeing and printing. We offer a range of products suitable for different substrates, forms and machinery that may be used. These products provide effects such as: improved absorbency, improved whiteness index, removal of various impurities and minimal hardness, which in turn guarantees level dyeing and minimal batch to batch variation ensuring right first-time results. 
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Emulsion and dispersion technology

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Our recommendations

We have industry benchmark anti-creasing agents for processing of various substrates. It is necessary to have low fibre to metal friction and optimum fibre to fibre friction during processing. We have specialised our chemistry in this segment to offer high performance products to take care of elastane blends with polyester, viscose, cotton & new fibres such as Lyocell.

High Performance Chemical Additives

Depsolube ACA Premium

Unique anti-creasing system & emulsifier for all textile substrates. A troubleshooting product with multiple benefits.

High Performance Chemical Additives

Depsolube ACMS

Depsolube ACMS offers a 3 in 1 function - anti-crease, softener and hydrophilicity agent.

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